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OX drawn plough

WDF reversible agricultural implements farm ox drawn plough



Specification of plough


1. Share plough, three point mounted plough


2. Suitable for loam, sandy loam, soils, moreover dry land farming area


3. Land surface smooth and furrow narrow after plowing


4. ISO9001:2000 certified

 5. Favorable price and best service



We offer furrow reversible ploughs for agricultural industry.

The range of 2x2 furrow mechanical type is an implement that is directly mounted to the tractor.

The furrow reversible plough works on both left & right side & automatically reverses the position while ploughing hence leading to less time & diesel consumption




Parameter of plough  


Model Unit 1L-220 1L-320 1L-420 1L-520 1L-225 1L-325 1L-425 1L-525
Number of bottoms   2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5
Working  width m 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 0.5 0.75 1.0 1.25
Working depth mm 200~250   200~250
Overall weight kg 80 115 145 180 125 228 330 435
Matched Power hp 12 25~30 30 45~50 25 35 50 65
Linkage Standard three pointed mounted



 Pictures of plough






Other pictures of  implements 




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