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Our company is located in the Central Plain of China, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, which is also the nationwide transportation hub. The railway transportation, truck transportation and the air transportation here are very convenient. We are also linked up with many ports, which could effectively guarantee the export of the goods.
"Food is the first necessity of people". We have formed the inseparable industrial chains of agricultural machinery-grain machinery-food machinery in these years. Our agricultural machinery mainly include tractors, mini tillage machines and relevant ground tillage machines, sprayers, straw and hay cutters, garden machines, timber machines, etc. Corn peeling machines, grain manufacturing machines, abrasive finishing machines and other relevant complete plants are our main grain processing machines. We have many kinds of food processing machinery, which could process various foods according to the different requirements from at home and abroad.
Since 2013, we have greatly developed the research and production of agricultural  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Helicopter  sprayer, which has greatly helped the farmers, most of the main parts are endowed with the production technology from Japan, Germany and Italy.  We had put great investment for importing the component and part production line from Germany. Our UAV helicopter sprayer could spray pesticide and applicate liquid fertilizer for all kinds of crops . Our UAV helicopter sprayer had sold to Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui,Hebei and some other provinces.
We also have our own  R & D team and have developed the Solar Panel Controller by ourselves, which has obtained the patent. We choose automobile production technology for all the solar electric vehicles, such as electrophoretic painting,  the best customized battery & solar panel, disc brake system, hydraulic absorber, drifting stunt. With best raw material quality controll system and rigorous production test precedure, our EV could be adapted to all kinds of road situation and are welcomed by many customers all over the world.
We are ahead of the profession with excellent quality and reasonable price and also have the export license of all the products. We have supplied many kinds of products to the customers from East and South Asia, Africa, East Europe and North America, etc.
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