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Hand corn seeder machine

2014 new style hand corn seeder machine



Specifications of hand corn seeder machine  

The corn planter/seeder cum fertilizer, a planting machine, can plant corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, etc;

 it is suitable for the fertilizing and seeding in the corn fields in the plain and hilly areas.

The seeding capacity, seeding row space and the working width is adjustable.


We have various kinds of manual corn planters and fertilizers.

if you are interested in them ,contact me directly



Parameters of hand corn seeder machine


Model PACKING 20FT(PCS) details
HX-A003   single barrel seeding or fertilizer but can not use together 9PCS/CTN 1692 N.W: 1.88 kgs 
Packing: 9 PCS/CTN
Size:76×44.7×45 cm
Seeding Number:1-6 Seeds
Capcity: 2.5 kgs
HX-A004       Double barrel for seeding and fertilizer together 6PCS/CTN 1482 N.W: 2.5 kgs 
Packing: 6 PCS/CTN
Size: 81×41×43 cm
Seeding Number: 1-3 Seeds
Capcity: 2.5 kgs
HX-A006   single barrel just for seeding  9PCS/CTN 1692 N.W: 2 kgs 
Packing: 9 PCS/CTN
Size: 82 ×46×45 CM
Seeding Number: 1-3 Seeds
Capcity: 2.5 kgs
HX-A017   signle barrel just for seeding but with two seeding mouth 9PCS/CTN 1620

N.W: 2.2KGS
Packing: 9PCS/CTN
Size: 84×48×47CM

Seeding Number: 1-3 Seeds
Capcity: 3 KGS

HX-A008     Manual works seeder one by one 20PCS/CTN 8680 Modle: HX-A008
N.W: 1 kgs 
Packing: 20 PCS/CTN
Size: 96×24.5×28 cm
Hand push seeder old type 10PCS/CTN 1200 Modle: HX-A009
N.W: 7 kgs 
Packing: 10PCS/CTN
Hand push seeder (new type) 10PCS/CTN 1300 Modle: HX-A009-1
N.W: 10 kgs 
Packing: 8PCS/CTN
HX-A012 fertilizer 6PCS/CTN 1000 N.W: 3.55 kgs 
Packing: 6 PCS/CTN
Size: 87×55×49 cm
fertilizer: 0-70 g
Capcity: 10 kgs
HX-A013 fertilizer spreader 9PCS/CTN   N.W: 2.3 kgs 
Packing: 9 PCS/CTN
Size: 86×39×40 cm
fertilizer: 0-70 g
Capcity: 10 kgs
HX-A014 fertilizer spreader 8PCS/CTN 2000 N.W: 2.1 kgs 
Packing: 8 PCS/CTN
Size: 50×39 ×73 cm
fertilizer: 7-9kgs/min
Capcity: 20 kgs
HX-B001 corn sheller 1PCS/CTN 600 N.W: 20 kgs 
Packing: 1 PCS/CTN
Size: 84×24 ×30 cm
Spindle speed: 2000r/s
Productivity: 1000 kgs/hour
Eletricity: 0.55KW/220V




 Pictures of hand corn seeder machine
















A009 NEW











After-sale Service


  • one year guarantee for whole machine
  • 24 hours technical support br e-mail
  • calling or door-to-door service
  • use friendly English software,user manual and detailer Videos/CD
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