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Agriculture remote control helicopter



Specification of  uav aircraft



Technical Specification  
Model ZHNY-15 helicopter sprayer
Loading capacity 15 kg ,   take-off weight 36kg
Spray Width 3-6 meters (spray rate decision by the altitude).
Flight height 0 - 3000m altitude, 1-3 meters to the top of the crop
Sprayer Capacity 1500 m² /min
Gasoline Engine 80CC   double-cylinder opposed Air-Cooling
fuel type gasoline 93. 97 (Add two stroke engine oil 1:35)
Fuel consumption 6L / h
Main Rotor Diameter 980mm
fleight size 2100*560*720mm
Pesticide box size 545*358*85mm
Mu dosage 300-500 ml / mu


Flight speed 4-8 m / s
Spray speed 0-6 m / s (adjustable).
Start electric start outside.
Flight Control System GPS.




Q: Will the wind generated by the plant protection UAV have an impact on the efficIciency ? 
A:  No, pesticide use is generally high concentrations of pesticides,
    a huge rotary force generated by helicopter rotor will push the pesticide droplets into the crop from top to bottom
Q: Why not use the electric plant protection but use the aircraft oil power? 
A: Poly lithium batteries cost too high, load capacity of 10 kg of pesticides sprayed a group of unmanned helicopter batteries cost about USD800.
    Poly lithium battery cycle life is very unstable



Q: The basic criteria for judging the quality of the aircraft: 
A:  Appearance neat, clean, well maintained, no rust, no cracks. 
.   Various ball joints flexible, non-virtual spaces, 
    Large paddle tail, paddle clips elastic medium, no virtual swashplate up and down ..

After-sale Service


  • one year guarantee for whole machine
  • 24 hours technical support br e-mail
  • calling or door-to-door service
  • use friendly English software,user manual and detailer Videos/CD




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